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Dairy Bar
Cow Milking Experience
Fuel Up To Play 60
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Normandy Barn Display
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LegenDairy Photos

Located in tent in front of Dupont Pavilion, you can take a photo in front of a green screen! Choose from 3 different scenes: dairy farm scene, Winners Circle at the Indy 500, or with Indianapolis Colts mascot Blue! (AND get the photo for FREE!)

Aug. 12-13 12-8pm
Aug. 14 10am-9pm
Aug. 15 10am-6pm

It’s a series of Nutrition and Physical Activity stations to educate kids on the importance of nutrition and activity. You can also receive some Fuel Up to Play 60 goodies!

Daily during Fair hours

In the DuPont Pavilion, there will be 17 cooking demonstrations featuring dairy products.

11am - noon every day

The theme of the booth is - The powerful package of nutrients in milk!

There will be two interactive touch screen computers with a chance to win a year's worth of free dairy and learn about dairy through our Cow-culator!

Daily during Fair hours

Here you will find a cattle display of the six major dairy breeds. There will also be a robotic milking machine, video of the robot at work, and experts on hand to talk about it.

You can even check out dairy cows being milked and see first-hand how milk starts the process from farm to table!

Daily during Fair hours

Perfect for the "Year of Dairy Cows", this exhibit gives visitors to the Family Fun Park the chance to hand-milk a real cow and participate in the pasteurization process. You can take part in creating cheese, butter, and ice cream. Even better, you get to sample these "homemade" delights when they’re done!

Daily 9am-8pm

Every evening the parade will feature the famous "Buttercup" cow, as well as dairy farm families visiting the fairgrounds that day.

Daily 6:30pm

The Normandy Barn will have a rotary milking parlor and real-to-life cow statues. In addition, there will be a classroom style setting where fairgoers can learn about milking cows and the different dairy breeds in air-conditioned comfort.

The Normandy Dairy Display will continue through November.

Daily during Fair hours